Sunday, July 29, 2007

Eat to Live or Live to Eat???

I will most propably have many posts on cooking, cuisines and restaurants: 3 passions of mine.
I no longer cook a lot; cooking for one is depressing therefore I favor simple 1-dish meals. But given the opportunity and an appreciative recipient, I will cook up a storm! My father is on his way for a visit (more home maintenance projects, but that's a topic for another post...) and I grabbed the chance to do some experimentation. He's always good sport and have never complained (to me anyway!!) that my cooking was inedible!
There's a place in Toronto in the Mimico neighbourhood, the Blue Goose Tavern, who serves Flintstones Beef Ribs, and you can order by the unit. I've been trying to duplicate the recipe for years and I think that today, I've hit the jack pot! Forget about the slow cooker, forget the pressure cooker, the good old rotisserie on the BBQ is just the way to go! I have not used the rotisserie accessory for years but I'm falling in love again and I can't wait to try other (hopefully!) delectable meats on it. As I'm waiting for my Dad to arrive, I couldn't resist and I tasted half of a rib, while still on the rotisserie!!! Miam, Miam!! I'd love to share the secret recipe but there's nothing to it! I didn't use a marinate or rub, I just skewered the ribs and let it roast. I'll serve it with a robust BBQ sauce by Cattle Boyz and I believe it will make the repeat list! Hope you enjoy your dinner too!


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