Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Sardines Lunches

Pretty much every week, Bonny and I share sardines for lunch at work. So far, we’ve never been able to recruit new participants, wonder why…… Well now we have our UK colleague, Shane, joining us each time he visits our plant! So we try to make it a bit special when he’s here and this past week, I brought out of the freezer an Irish soda bread and Bonny made her famous Caesar salad. Let me tell you that Bonny is not frugal with the garlic in the dressing and Shane and I had to avoid others for rest of the afternoon!!! But so ever delicious!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time for Me to Move??

I think I've been living in a retirement community for far too long: it's 6pm on a Saturday nite, I already had dinner (at the Curling Club at 4:45pm....) and I'm already back home in my pj's......sad sad sad. I even decided not to go to the dance at the arena tonight because it's probably going to be just teeny boppers anyway..... wow I need to get an life, and quickly!!!
Here's a few pictures from both ends of main street this morning for the Applefest ~ surprising how many people still came out in spite of the rain!! At the dinner tonight, there was more tourists at my table than locals! So I guess that would qualify as a success!!

Breakfast Food??

I'm pathetic. I wake up in the morning with a single thought: What am I going to have to eat??
I read a few sections of the Toronto Star and before 8am I had decided to do my version of the Margherita pizza featured in the Living section. Here's pic as I'm putting it on the BBQ. There's no photo of it after because I couldn't get my paws on it fast enough and now there's only half left.....

End of the Swimming Season

ahhh, when the ducks and geese are back, I know the swimming is over for me; the water is just too cold! This morning, I got a parade of geese swimming towards the shores of Presqu'Ile beach. It's such a grey morning with rain dizzling; it just too bad because it's the Applefest today on Main St. Brighton. People put so much efforts into putting up these events and for every one of these event this summer in Brighton, we've had rain. Nonetheless, I'm on my way there in a few minutes to show my support, check out the wares, the crafts and of course the treats! Unfortunately, there is my Midway rides this year, so that means also no corn dog stand...... I'll have to find another fair somewhere sometime soon to fill my constant craving!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Year when Everything Falls Apart

42 – What a bad year. Started the year with the doc’s concerns about my high blood pressure (something that has been going on for years but now needed to be treated….), then a foot condition that finally required some orthotics. In between, on a good note, I started a new lifestyle program to lose weight, not easy but I’m down 25 pounds now with still 25 to go. Now, I’m scheduled tomorrow for a CT scan for severe lower back pain. I’ve done physio and massage therapy before going to Europe but the latter part of the trip was extremely difficult and the best word to describe me when I came back last week is: crippled. The pain med has been working very well however, I’ll just wait to see what the CT scan says before I resume activities. The year is not over yet, but my cup is full.