Monday, July 20, 2009

Wood-Fired Oven ~ Mock-Up

I did the inventory of the cement blocks I got so far and modified my paper plan accordingly. I have much more block 8X10X16 so the oven hearth floor will be slightly smaller than the Alan Scott plan, but it's ok. I laided the blocks to see if it all made sense and I think it will look good. I just made a slight modification to use the 8X8X16 block for the center pilar instead of the corners. The metal wash bassin will be the ash recipient and it's there to make sure the front opening is large enough to access under the oven easily.
In the meantime, I was able to acquire an old cement mixer: that will save me a lot of elbow grease! I will retake all the measurements, redo the mock-up and hopefully start the actually work soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wood-Fired Oven ~ Cement Pad

Finally done!! I came back from work on Tuesday and it was finished!! There are cute little bird footprints on it but unfortunately, they will get covered by the cement blocks and bricks; too bad they aren't at the other end where nothing will cover the cement.
I guess I'm somewhat of a control freak: it bothers me not to know exactly how the cement was poured and how the reinforced mesh was positioned inside but, I can't be everywhere at once and I need to learn to trust people. That's the tough one....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wood-Fired Oven ~ Ready!

The gravel is packed, the frame is secured and I'm ready for the cement to be poured. Maybe tomorrow?
My neighbours are starting to ask when we'll have a pizza party! We all need to be patient; the oven will probably not be completed before next spring. But it's so worth the wait!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wood-Fired Oven ~ Taking Shape!

Now Randy, the handyman, finally got the form up. It's 14" above ground so it will be the same height as another deck I have beside the house. It does look odd, and big, in the middle of the yard but I'm hoping that once all is done around it, it should all make sense and look good. Everything is taking a loooonnnng time.....I have to learn to be more patient........and remember that to keep the cost down, I'm relying on Randy's help, on his time schedule.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wood-Fired Oven ~ Now it's Really Starting!

Finally! The excavation is done but we were only able to go down 12" before hitting the shale rock. That could be a problem if I didn't plan to go 14" above ground.
I will also do some irrigation channels around the base to make sure there's no accumulation of water there in the fall and springtime. It's been quite flooded the past few years....
I read somewhere that the entire oven will weight 3 tonnes; hopefully, that's enough to keep the cement slab secure.