Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I get to the Detroit airport early and with hopes to change my late evening flight home to the early evening one. The line up was short so I got to the counter in less than a minute. The clerk told me to help myself with the self-check-in terminal. But she stood beside me and told me to press here, swipe my passport, press to continue….. Why didn’t she do it herself from her counter if she was going to take the time to do it with me????
Anyway, when I selected the "change your flight" option, the next screen told me that it was “Not Available” for that flight.
True to myself, I questionned her ”What does that mean, Not Available?” Snotty, she reply, “it means not available, sold out." Well, I said, why then is there an option here right beside to make the change for $25.00 if it’s sold out?”
Puzzled, she told me to try it. I proceeded, under her watchful eye, to swipe my credit card, select my seat (the flight was almost empty!) and check in my bag! So why is it that the bozo who created that program did not use wording as “Available with a supplement only” or something similar. How many other peple could not change their flight and had to kill a few hours at the airport just because the machine is not detailed enough and the check-in clerk doesn’t know any better?? Isn't that her job to check you in??
Things that make you go hummmm.....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Things I've Learned ~ part 4

Eat brain food so your brain can kick in overdrive when needed! When things happen quickly, it’s amazing the number of thoughts that you can actually have in a very short time. As I realized I was crossing the other lane, I was relieved there was no incoming traffic, I applied the breaks for a second, then thought “Well, that was stupid, it can’t do nothing, I know better”. Once my brain assessed that the situation was out of control, I realized I had to let go and wait for it to be over. When the truck finally immobilized, I though “Why is no one coming?” I then pressed the hazard lights button to make sure someone would see me because I thought I was probably a bit below road level. Then I couldn’t unbuckle myself and was becoming impatient. Again, I thought “Why is no one coming???” I then reasoned with myself, stopped struggling with the seat belt and just waited for someone to come. It took just seconds. It’s truly incredible how much you have time to think, plan and do, in very short stressed-filled moments.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Things I've Learned ~ part 3

It’s also much easier to be patient you when you have no control at all on the situation. While I was hanging upside down, it was easy for me to assess that I was alright, that I had no injury at all. I was just stuck up there, unable to detach the seat belt. The crowd that assembled around the truck was very nice and inquired if everything was fine. Greg or Steve first wanted to crawl in to detach me but someone reminded them him that we’re not supposed to move an injured. Because I was not in a situation to detach myself and even thought I knew I was ok, I decide not to argue and antagonize them. After all, they were there to help me; I just had to be patient. Although I’d like to, things don’t always happen on my time schedule.