Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is what guilt looks like! Guilt of leaving my cat alone for 3 days. Not available in Canada (yet), I saw this Fancy Feast cat food in St. Louis and decided to splurge for my cat nita! I hope she'll like it; all the flavors looks very good, human grade, but I also hope she won't like it too too much: I don't want to have to bring back cat food each time I travel to the States!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wood-Fired Oven ~ Cement Block Base

Last week, after modifying my plan a dozen time, I was finally fully satisfied and was ready to start, at last. But I realized that I really didn't know how to put the cement blocks together; I had plenty of witten material on the subject but felt I was missing something. So I placed an add on Kijiji in the Skilled Trade section, asking for someone to come by and graciously spend a couple hours with me to show me how. The first respondant asked me what I was doing and after a few missed calls and emails, came by Friday night. He arrived at the time scheduled and with all his tools! I was glad to impress him with how ready I was with my own set of tools! A very nice man, originally from Haiti, currently out of work from a call centre but obviously well versed in building with cement blocks. We did the first 4 blocks, as I intended, and he was then on his way.
On an unrelated funny note, we're both French speaking, but I couldn't understand a word of what he was saying because his French accent is so different than mine, so we spoke English to each other!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yard Sale Loot

All that for only $1.00! Quite happy about my luck! I was ready to pay double but I gave the quoted amount gladly; it could be because I stopped by at 6pm and she looked like she was ready to pack everything in!
In the lot, there's a Henckles knife, so even if don't even use anything else, that was worth it!
But with those 24 small tart molds, no excuse not to try some tasty phyllo cups!
And how about that vintage cheese knife set? Cute! I might have to invite people over for a cheese and wine affair just to show them off!