Monday, July 2, 2012

A First!

My very first attempt at KALE and I made kale chips tonight.  Seasoned with salt & pepper and dried in my wood-fired oven.  Actually much better than I expected!  half of it never made it to the bowl: I ate them right at the oven!  
Have you made kale chips before?  What other seasoning would be great?

Missing in Action.

Oh my! Sorry for the lack of communication.  It's been so long and I have so many things to catch up on.....  Let's start now with a evening photo I took last week,  My previous post was about never getting tired of the sunrise sky, well this one is about the night sky.  And a campfire to warm up the chilly evening!  I wish I had my regular camera at the time because the moon had a perfect crescent shape.  Unfortunately, my mobile phone is not the greatest to capture details.  But here it is, the moon over beautiful Popham Bay.